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Hello Guys,
Sorry for being underground all this while, Been through a writer’s block but I am back now, Enjoy!
I have a whole stream of thoughts that point towards one general thought - Everyone in India (or any country that started off as a patriarchy) is inherently misogynist to some degree. Yes, I said inherently misogynist and I also said to some degree.
Jump up in any city bus and you will find half of the seats are reserved for women, and the other half are not reserved for men, So a woman can sit anywhere but a man has to mind his cute buttcheek.
Although I don’t have any problem with this, I have problem with the men who give up their seats for women, especially perfectly fit and fine healthy women. But then again my taking offense about these issues is not worthwhile. Therefore, I will tell you a story about how I pick up girls at parking lots.
So I have a college and my college has a parking lot and people park their bikes there. This happened yesterday, I was waiting for a friend near the parking lot when a cute girl passed me by and I like a good boy looked at her once and then diverted my attention and loins somewhere else. So, I was counting the leaves on the trees when the girls calls me, “Excuse me, Can you help me take my scooty out?” Okay, So first things first, I don’t know how to ride, So I obviously can’t handle a scooty and its weight, but I am a man of honor and the girl was cute, So I closed my eyes and summoned all my hidden power from the secret caves of Himalayas, which by the way are guarded by Penguins who eat snow and pull the scooty out and the bike does not move an inch. So, there I am standing with flexed muscles and red face, full of blood and shame. I look to the girl and say, “Can you just pull?” and she looks around for someone more masculine than me but to her dismay it’s just me. So she pulls the bike and it finally comes out. She looks at me and utters a weak thank you and all the while I am trying not to fall from using excessive muscles.
Did I say picking up girls? Yeah, that was deception, I pick up girls only at banks.
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