A Story Of Lost Love - Kahani Time

Just FYI guys, this story is very sad, Keep them tissues handy...

"There was a cute and lovable boy in Pune, All he ever wanted was to find love but he couldn't, because he was stupid. He waited and waited for a long time, so that someone will find him but alas he was never found. Therefore, One day he decided that he will go find love on his own. So he went to the nearest mall with a few friends to stalk random girls and comment how ugly they looked and also to find love btw. He roamed around the mall for hours but nothing that interested him. But suddenly there was something that caught his eye, A Turquoise blue serenity. He just couldn't forget it and ran for it. He pushed everyone away and ran for it and grabbed the Turquoise Blue Kurta and ran to the changing room to try it on but it did not fit. He was deeply saddened by that and wept his way from the changing room to the place where tall and charming Kurta wearing Mannequins stood. He asked the staff if there was one in a bigger size and the reply was negative. The boy got very angry and wanted to beat the shit out of the staff but his friends stopped him from doing so. The boy was very sad and couldn't let go of the Kurta but deep down he knew this union was not meant to be. The boy couldn't let go of the Kurta, his friends tried all sorts of things to get him away from it like showing him other Kurtas and also as a last resort dragging him on the floor but he just wouldn't let go. But then the staff threatened to call security and the boy was out of there, But he just cannot forget that Turquoise Blue Kurta..."

"Over-Exaggeration is an art of storytelling that bad storytellers use because they cannot make good stories." - LUSty

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