New Year, Internships, Resolutions and Other Updates

Hello, beautiful people of the Internet, 2018 has officially come to an end and that means a lot of resolutions are going to be tossed around in the air.
To tackle this situation, my resolution for the year is to be better a version of myself. I know very cliche, very pretentious and very generic but this is one of the things that will naturally happen even if I don't try. So, there's that.
I think people tend to get pretty overexcited about new years, I mean jeez the earth completes one revolution around the Sun and you go and hype the shit up.
Nothing changes with a change of year, the only thing that does is the old depressing Calender which then gets replaced with a new even more depressing calender.
Also, I did not post any blogs for the past week and that was because I was busy working for a content writing internship, I wrote one article for a company but eventually decided against continuing the internship. My style of writing did not match up with their expectations and the workplace was full of loud and pretentious douchebags, no offense if anyone from there is reading this blog, it is just my opinion and it is trash anyway. So hahaha joke's on me, I decided to let go of an opportunity to make some money.
I was out with my friends today and realized I have to go attend a meeting with the company and that made me sad, the thought of going there made me sick and I decided, "Fuck it, I won't do it." I could go on and write a thousand more things about how I disliked the whole workplace but I won't do it, because I am not a salty bitch.
Although this has made me realize that corporate workplaces are not for me and I won't work in one. The search for the perfect internship still goes on and I hope to find it one day, Something I actually enjoy writing and something that goes with my style.
Also in other news, I might start a new blog just to practice my "Fancy Writing Skills" but know that Kahanikaar will always be my first priority and I will never ignore it.
This has also made me realize how I just blatantly type out things without going over them. I never proofread my text and I don't think I will ever do that, at least for Kahanikaar, I feel like Kahanikaar is my outlet for my purest emotions, and I think they should be unadulterated.
I know I called New Year stupid at the beginning of the blog but it proves to be a nice timeframe to track progress and I hope to achieve bigger things in 2019 and hopefully you too.

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