Channeling Your Inner Maid - A Tale Of Household Politics

Hello Everyone, How have you been? I am great, thank you for asking.
If you have ever lived alone and you are broke, you would have at some point wielded the broom. The broom is a sword which can be wielded by only a few special knights, this is what I like to tell myself when I am wiping the floor with my broom. So, Yesterday I was just "Brooming" my place when I received a call from my mother, I picked the call and she said, "We have fired the Maid." and as sad as it sounded I was very happy, I talked with my mother and ended the call.
I remembered how I always wanted her to be gone and I had my reasons not like I enjoyed watching people losing their only source of income. So, as I was cleaning the floor, I remembered how she always stopped me whenever I wanted to leave for somewhere and she asked me where I was going and that was weird, what did she have to do with it.
My friends hated her as well because she used to tell them I was not home whenever they would come and if that was not enough, she would team up with my neighbor and then they would haul ass all over the place. I never liked their jokes to be honest, they were bad, stupid and unnecessary.
I had no choice, I had to involve myself in some deep politics and take care of the maid. So I went to my mom and told her, "Fire the maid, I don't like her." and my mother was very understanding, she said, "No." and bam! A year and a half later she is fired, talk about politics.
I feel like whenever I broom my place, the inner maid inside me awakens and starts finding faults in everything but then I have to keep shut because most of that stuff is mine anyways. Yesterday I picked up the broom and had a weird itch of being called Kanta bai and that was unusual and I decided that the broom should be banished from the household and never be touched again.
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