One Of A Kind Adventure - Neither Near The Sea Nor A Hill Station

Whenever I am out of ideas, I go up on Indiblogger and look for ideas in IndiSpire, Indispire is basically an idea think tank where people post interesting ideas and then other people use that idea to write a blog on it. It is a really great tool to help bloggers who often find themselves exhausted of ideas.(Which is me most of the times.) So I found this topic it said, "Write about an interesting travel experience to a place that is neither near the sea nor is a hill station." and that gave me an idea.

I can’t see anything, It feels as if the fall is all there is. I can feel the wind brushing against my elbows as I soar deeper and deeper into this pit. All I can hear is the wind, loud and deafening. I am trying to open my eyes but I just can’t, All I see is darkness...*thud* My hand hit something and now I am tumbling and swirling, I am scared, I can’t breathe anymore. The wind is flooding my nostrils, My head feels lighter, I can’t think straight anymore, Patterns of light flash before my eyes as I pass out.

“Wake up Harsh!”
“You have to wake up! Harsh!”
I hear a voice, a girl’s voice, as sweet as a meadow in sunny winter. I open my eyes and feel relieved at the sight of the blue sky. As I blindly stare into the sky with gratitude, I see a pair of eyes bluer than the sky with hair dangling from her head, Oh my god it was Cynthia. She approached to get a closer look and some of her hair got in my eye.

“Oww, Your hair got in my eye.” I said as I pried into my eyes to get it out.
“Now why are you crying about it, it’s not that bad.” She replied
“I am not crying, Human eye is a sensitive organ.”
“You know you fell in from the sky.” 
Cynthia told me as I was comforting my sensitive eyes with my delicately warmed hands.
“Is that right, huh I do feel a little scratch over here.”
That was a lie it definitely felt like someone had shoved some razors in my stomach. Once again the need to impress the opposite sex triumphed over the truth
I was getting myself in order when Cynthia said,
“You know, I was stranded all alone here and I closed my eyes and wished to god for sending someone to help me and you fell in from the sky.”
“Yeah, I rescue damsels in times of distress because they need to be rescued.” 
I replied with a misogynist smirk on my face.
“I think we should leave this place, I don’t feel good here.” 
“Yeah, Lets find the way out.”
I said and we started looking around for a possible way out. We were in the middle of what looked like a cartoonish forest with sparsely populated trees but no sign of any houses nearby.
“You fell in from a portal maybe there could be one more somewhere which would take us home.”
Cynthia suggested and she had a point but how do we go about finding a portal when all one can see around was grassy lands with trees spaced on them. 
I pointed Cynthia to a mountain with a big purple storm behind it.
“Did the portal look like that?”
“Exactly like that.”
She answered and we set foot for it. It was a long walk and Cynthia looked as beautiful as any day. Her beauty was not explosive nor was it over the top, it was something you grow fond of over time, it was joyous, it was subtle, it made smile just to look at her.
“What are you smiling at?” She asked me.
“Um, Nothing its just an inside joke.”
“You want to tell me?”
“Of course not.” 
Damn I could have thought of a better reply.
“The peak still looks to be far away.” I said.
“It sure is.”
Just as she spoke this I heard a loud growl, It was horrible, menacing and it came from behind us.
“Behind you!” 
Cynthia exclaimed as I turned around and saw a big monster riding a Hero Splendor.
“What is that coming towards us? That is horrible!” Cynthia exclaimed.
“I know right, Who drives a Hero Splendor in 2K18 SMH.” I replied.
“Look at the thing driving it, you Dumbnut.”
And for the first time I noticed it looked like Cynthia’s little brother, Just a lot bigger, a lot lot bigger, Easily around 10 feet and was coming straight at me, shouting curses all the while. 
“Oh my god, He’s coming near, Do something Harsh!”
He was very near now just about a few feet away, I looked down and saw a sword strapped to my pants. I pulled it out and gave it a big swing in air, the friction between the metal and the air caused a huge fire wave to form and the monster was thrown away, Scared it ran away. I looked down at the sword and it said Dragon Knight, I guess that was me.
“Oh my god, how did you do that?” Cynthia was awestruck.
“I am a Dragon Knight Cynthia.” 
I replied in my perfectly normal deep husky voice, which my voice is okay? It is deep and husky.
“And look he left us this bike.” 
“I don’t want to ride it, You are a Dragon King right, Call your dragon, we will ride it.”
“I am a Dragon Knight not king and I don’t think I have a dragon, I think I am the Dragon.”
“Yeah, well I am not riding you.”
That was saddening to hear but anyway we took the bike and were making good progress towards the peak.
“It is really close now.”
I was pushing the limits of the old bike and it was letting out a sad exhaust note but it had no purpose to us after the peak, So we abused it anyway. I remembered how Cynthia’s brother would ask their dog to scare me and that son of a bitch dog would run after me, It felt good Dragon waving him.
Just as we reached the mountain, the ground started to grumble it felt as if something heavy was running on it. I looked to the right and there it was I could see it, It was an even bigger monster, this one the size of a large building. It had blonde hair for some weird reason.
“It is Zayn.” 
Cynthia looked at it and announced. Of course  it was I thought, Zayn was boyfriend of Cynthia and that guy made me obnoxious. Looking at him 100 times bigger didn’t help either.
“Why is Zayn running towards us?” I asked.
“I have no idea.” 
There was no other way to do this I would have to drive this bike around this earthquake and get it to jump off that ramp to reach that platform over there, from where the portal is easily accessible.
“Hold on tight to me.”
I said as I revved the bike hard and was racing swiftly towards the ramp, Zayn was on our toes just behind us and now was throwing trees at us.
“Go left!”
“Don’t shout in my ear.”
“He is throwing trees at us!”
“I know!”
We finally reached the ramp and we made a big leap into the sky but physics wasn’t acting as I thought it would. The bike was fast soaring down, I held Cynthia’s hand and pulled her close and we were flying. I could not explain it but I had beaten Steve Jobs and his stupid Apple, I had conquered Gravity. 
“You are a Dragon.”
“I guess that explains it.”
We safely landed on the platform and let Cynthia go.
“I was so scared down there, Thank you.” Cynthia said.
“You know, I wanted to tell you something. I really...”
Just as I was about to express my love for her, half of the platform collapsed and we were falling down but a hand got hold of Cynthia, It was a slim tall figure with blonde hair, It pulled Cynthia up and held her close. I could see them kissing as I was falling down, I closed my eyes and decided not to fly and I woke up.

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