From Pleasing People To Pleasing Myself - Our Need For Approval

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Hello People,
How have you been? I am great and no the title does not imply my transition from giving blowjobs to masturbation.
As you probably know 2018 is soon going to end and we have reached around 950 views and I hope we can cross to 1000 before 2019. I have been doing blogging on and off from my school days when I was a raging Youngblood, back when I was 15. I have since worked on several pretentious and stupid blogs but this was finally the blog I hit the surface on. This blog is dearer to me for a few more reasons, for one of course the readers, You have been a lovely audience and I can't thank you more for it. But one more reason is that earlier I used to write to impress, I had a constant need to be approved and feel good, a constant want to be recognized as a higher form of life but Kahanikaar was different it too started out as a way of seeking attention but soon enough I liked writing and kept at it, the need to be approved still exists but I have locked it up somewhere in the behinds of my mind.
This really begs a question though, Why do people seek attention and approval? In the hopes of finding answers to this, I decided to read up on it.
The need for approval often stems from our own lack of self validation or self worth or in more simpler terms self esteem. We can't approve ourselves because we think that our own opinion is shit and it does not mean anything, So we go on looking for approval from people, who we think have valuable opinion. Sometimes there is a bigger price on someone's opinion, just because they seem to have accomplished a greater deal of things in life. People would respect the opinion of a rich man, even if he indulges in pedophilia in secret.
According to some psychological theories, a lot of our present day faults stem to our childhood days. For example in our case maybe a approval seeking person had lack of approval from his parents when he/she was small and due to that they went on looking for it from other people but there is one more side to it maybe the kid got constantly approved for things and hence got conditioned to seek approval and therefore he went on asking from other people as well.
After getting ridiculed or rejected, A person's self worth often diminishes and they start feeling sad and bad about their own selves. They see faults in themselves and start to think that the faults over-weigh the positives, this makes them want to feel better and secure about themselves and just fall into the deep pit of need for approval.
One should always know that what someone else thinks about you is not what you are, but it is what you think of yourself that matters, Always feel good about yourself, See you in the next one.

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