Winning PUBG games like a PRO

You been Clickbaited by the way.

“I just can’t seem to get kills.”
“Aim properly today, you will definitely get some kills today.”
“Yes, I will try harder today.”
“Listen to me, I am your father in this game, okay?”
“Haha, Okay.”

“Hey, Guys I have a friend, he is a bit noob will you please play with him? I would have played myself but I have to be at a meeting somewhere else.”
“Dude, you promised that you will help us win some games, people need you over here.”
“I am sorry bro, please understand.”
“Okay dude, we will manage with this guy of yours.”

“Okay guys, let's play, where do we land?”
"My friend told me about you, are you any good?"
"I just play for the kills"
“According to protocol, we have to try to capture her first.”
“Yes, whatever.”

Next day in news, Alleged Man Eater Tigress Shot.

For people out of context, the following News Clip will help you understand the blog post better:
Link: Tigress Avni killed. Is this a complete failure of India's tiger conservation policy?

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