The Biggest Small-Town Taboo

Hello beautiful people of the internet, how have you been, I don’t really care, I mean who reads this, most of you are just gonna give a disguised view and go away but anyway moving on. I just came back to my home town, which is a small town in Maharashtra. It was great meeting all the friends, but I have been avoiding pretty much everyone else, because you know nosy people and questions and I have been successful till now and let’s hope it stays that way.
So, I came back home with long hair and a beard, the length of my hair was determined of course by my parents’ standards and they were long AF. I was sitting ‘working’ on my laptop and my father asked me when are you getting your haircut and I said later. I think my father heard never and pulled me by my long hair to the barber, who then gave a demonic laugh watching me cry as hundreds of bystanders watched in horror. Okay, maybe that did not happen but the feelings were nevertheless the same. So, I went to the barber with my father and my father gave the instructions to the barber because, trust = zero. He also asked the barber to scrub my face to which I vehemently protested, because I am a staunch believer of beauty on the inside and that is because I don’t have any aesthetic value on the outside, so you look for excuses. My father had some work, so he had to leave but before leaving, he gave me one final death stare and told the barber to scrub my face.
And it started the barber put his hand in my hair and asked me, “What’s up?”
The thing I was so afraid of was finally happening, I told him I am pursuing my education. Then with a sly smile on his face, he asked me, “Engineering?”. He got me that sly dog, I answered with a no and told him that I was doing Arts. He no longer held that smile on his face. He had more of pitiful look on his face now and proceeded to ask me as to why I am ruining my career and I have found a perfect escape to question like these, I blame it all on psychology and I feel respected in the society again. Where I come from Arts is a taboo, so you know what is the status of Sex and relationships, just forget about it.
As there was nothing left to talk about between me and the barber now, He continued doing his work and I sat there in the slime of my own mediocrity for the next 30 minutes, wondering what would have happened if I came through with Engineering.
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