Strands Of My Imagination

Imagination is a beautiful bitch, it can give rise to some great ideas and some horrendous ones too. Some people are extremely imaginative whilst some are not so much. The problem however comes in when the world your imagination paints becomes too ideal, it becomes ‘unreal’ and when you go out to actually bring that imagination to reality it all falls apart, because you expected the reality to be unreal. We all live in these cringy alternate realities believe it or not, and as much as you hate to admit it, our imaginations are sometimes plainly stupid, that first kiss with your crush in the most beautiful place with the most gorgeous lighting will never happen, unless you are dreaming and of course mind the nightfall.
Most of these imaginations are influenced by pop culture, the feeling of being an epic detective after watching Sherlock or the feeling of becoming a vigilante after watching Dexter or perhaps imagining yourself as Weeknd singing Shameless. But of course none of that stuff is ever happening. That feeling of a thousand neurons firing as soon as you look at the person you like, that feeling that your heart is melting, your brain goes chilly and numb, possibly because of so much neural impulses, :P, but you keep it all in and start building a stupid world with weak foundations at the core. Although the real problem starts after a few weeks when you start using that imagination as a memory and keep reliving it, making you mind mistake it for reality. The biggest hard faced truth of our sad lives is that almost all of us are average and not that cool person we have placed on pedestal in our minds. No one is perfect, and we all know that by now, everyone has some flaws, but the mistake of placing that one person on a pedestal in your imagination could be the start of a fallout of your alternate world. So what do you do? Keep living in the world of your own facades and lies or try to make it a reality?

That was it for this blog post people, I hope you liked it, If you don’t know me, I am Harshadeep, I try to make sense out of words and entertain people with them, at least I try. If you want to find me IRL you can find me lurking in the streets of NWC Campus most of the times, but beware I am very unfriendly. If you liked what you read, Do hit the subscribe button and enter your email to receive updates about new blog posts. I have an extremely low Self-Esteem so help me boost my ego by following me on my social media profiles:
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