Reflection - Staring Into The Truth - #MindBeepTuesday 4

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A Witch sits amidst a tempest,
with venom laced on her nails,
her hands blood red,
and soul set on flames.
With each passing day,
She puts her hand through a chest.
And rips apart the chords,
for she is on a quest.
She lets out a screaming laugh,
As the music stops.
She loves this feeling now,
"They don't need a heart anyhow."
She smiles as the blood,
runs from her hand and,
seeps through the soil.

She has a mirror in her hands,
with a constant reflection in it.
She stares in that face,
and readies her hand.
With one final thrust,
the mirror breaks,
A girl in her room wakes,
her world shakes,
she lets out a cry,
and starts weeping.
Once again she let the witch,
in her mind and now she is bleeding.

The witch in this poem implies or symbolizes suicide.

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