Indian Parents and Introversion

By this time, I think everyone knows what Introversion is but if you are still living in a cave or under a rock for that matter, Introversion is basically a personality trait found in some people. An introvert is a person who does not like large groups of people or likes to be by himself more often. Now there are a lot of variations to this, there are some people who are slightly introverted or some who are slightly extroverted. Now extroverts are the arch nemeses of introverts, they are totally opposite of introverts, in short they are social animals. God I hate them by the way. There is also a term known as Ambivert, these are in middle of the whole spectrum and nobody cares about these treacherous pieces of filth. 
So I am an introvert, it was the worst for my parents, their kid just never seemed to talk to any guests. They thought that I was just shy and maybe I will talk when I grow up but sadly pubescent Harshadeep did not give a bleeding fuck about the guests who complained Harshadeep doesn’t talk at least smaller Harshadeep had some fucks to spare. My parents again thought let him mature and maybe he will grow some brains. Sadly, for my parents though, I still did not socialise and neither did I grow a brain. We did not have a lot of guests around, so that was nice, I didn’t have to fake a smile a lot. Just before I moved to Pune for “Educational” purposes, some guy told my parents that when a kid moves to other city, away from parents, he opens up and that was a ray of hope for my parents but no, I made it my life’s goal that I will return more secluded than ever. Things I do to prove random strangers wrong. Although I did not have to try for that, it happened naturally anyway and I think I have grown more asocial than introverted lately. 
After all of the guest adventures though my parents used to ask me that why don’t you talk? Why do you go sit in your room when someone comes? Do you have no manners? And that feels bad because it’s not that I don’t want to talk, it’s that I don’t like it at all. I think this must be happening in a lot of households though. Parents trying to hardwire their kid to become Extroverted and thankfully though my parents never forced it on me. Otherwise I don’t know how I might have turned out. This is just one thing though, there are a lot of different things Indian parents just force down your throat, there are several more, like religion, choice of career and what not and I think that it should stop, you can’t really force something to fit a mould, your kid already has to fit in a mould made by the society, please don’t make him fit one made by you too. 

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