Abuse - MindBeepTuesday #3

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Hello beautiful of the internet. Welcome to a brand new blog post and a third overall for #MindBeepTuesday, Today is Wednesday I know, but I had a bit of a slump. But I powered through the slump and here I present to you - Abuse.
"It all began when they bought me and my friend a few years ago. At first all of them behaved nicely with me, We had a nice designated place, but after a while they separated us, My friend was fat and unattractive for them and hence was given other work while I was reduced to be used on the whims of the family members. They would often come in groups and fight over me, drag and thrash me around. Many times they would touch me with their greasy hands, I detested every second of it. Some days the man of the house would return frustrated from work and throw me on the floor. They would do all sorts of bad stuff to me and make my friend see it. She was horrified of it all but there was little she could do. But today, today is great, the man of the house finally decided to put me out of my misery, He was visibly drunk as he approached me and threw me hard on the floor, Even the family members were all horrified at this poisonous rage, As I flew threw the air, I felt good...Free...for the first time in several years, I felt relieved, I crashed on my head and broke my IR blaster, effectively rendering me useless to them. All my plastic flew around and I felt life slithering out of me, I saw my batteries rolling across the floor. I hope they don't repair me."
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