Seeking Love On The Inside

So, yesterday was mental health awareness day, and I like always am late to the scene, I just want to say, please do not treat depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses like you treat normal diseases and, No being depressed is not equal to being mental or psycho as the idiots around you say.
So on to a real life incident from my life:
The past few weeks have been bad, like totally atrocious. Life felt dull, you know one of those phases in life, when you just don't know what to do with life and in this confusion, we often look for distractions and that is what I was doing, I was looking for distraction and that distraction was love. Now, you might call me a creep or something, but there was a phase when it was so bad that I would find every next girl cute and think that I have fallen in love, but the good thing is that I never acted on any of my whims. I knew and I always know to stay in my boundaries. There were several layers to this behavior though, I would put on my earphones and go out and think about my last relationship and hurt myself more with it, I would create imaginary situations and live within those for hours but the thing was I was doing all of this intentionally, I completely knew that I was hurting myself and I did it anyway. But yesterday I did the one right thing, normally I talk with my mom for about 5 minutes daily, but yesterday I called my mom and just spoke with her, we talked and talked for about 40 minutes and I felt better after hanging up, I felt lively, I felt much better. I could focus on my work again. Amidst this I realized that all this while I was looking for love on the outside and forgot that I should have looked inside. As I have mentioned, yesterday was mental health awareness day and I just thought that I should share this to help this cause. If you ever feel down don't seek for help on the outside, talk to anyone you know, could be your parents, could be your that teacher with whom you feel a connect, could be a good friend, whoever it be just talk not even necessarily about your problem but just stay connected with the outer world. Don't seek for validation from strangers, you don't need validation from random people, stay positive about yourself. Stay away from toxic people and keep spreading the love cyaa.

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