Go Sell Yourself For Food

“Come here you have to look presentable.”
“I am not coming Ma, I don’t like being presented like that.”
“You don’t have a choice girl, now come here.”
“Why is it that always I have to look good and not brother?”
“They don’t pay for your brother dear.”
“But I don’t like them touching me like that!”
“Enough now! There is no other way, I am not going to put up with behaviour like this daily.”
“Okay fine Ma.”
“Did you too go through this when you were small?”
“No dear, I was not as pleasing as they liked me to be.”
“Are all of them like this?”
“There are some people with honour but they are of no use to us.”
“Because they don’t help us get food, enough questions now go, Near those people and show yourself and remember act as if you like it.”
“Okay Ma…”
And so the cute puppy ran to the biscuit bearing didis to get some food for herself while her mother and brother were looking for food in the college dustbin.

I am starting a new series of thought provoking blogs on each Tuesday, to make your boring and mundane Tuesdays into something good. We will call it MindF*ckTuesdays, because why not.

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