Analysing The Notion Of Power

What is the meaning of power? For some it means being a local leader, for some, well a bigger leader. For others it could mean asking their employees to work overtime and yet for other possibly being on top with their partner. There are a lot of meanings to this concept but the simplest one is being able to influence someone or a group of people. But where does this desire to hold power comes from? Centuries ago, the world was ruled by different rulers in different regions, they captured regions and ruled over there but why? Simply to exert their power. We could say power is an authority, maybe controlling someone, Maybe manipulating. That TV series you were watching where your cool looking protagonist is manipulating his enemies could we say he is exerting power? The notion of being supreme. Is that exerting Power? To come out on top and be the best, is that power? When you are topping an exam you are basically telling all your peers that you are supreme and that you cannot touch me, Is that power or sheer absoluteness? Come to think of it even being absolute is a show of strength and possibly power. But how did humans come to become so power loving. Maybe it is in our genes, Given the fact that our distant ancestors were rulers could be a point but then again how did they come to be so power conscious. The first man hunted other animals and showed his supremacy in the animal kingdom, maybe a woman fell for him by his show of strength, she saw the power that he beholds. For centuries this must have been continued before humans decided to form a community and live together, around this time the concept of money must have come into form and the concept of power changed from hunting expertise to assets. With time the concept of power evolved, sometimes we come across an odd couple, a smart, rich, and an average guy with an out of the world mistress and we quickly infer she’s in this for the money. Or could it be that she sees power in his intelligence. Sapiosexuals are people who find intelligence attractive. So it is not a long stretch to assume that sapiosexuals find intelligent people powerful. Imagine you are playing a game with someone and you are winning and the fate of your opponent rests in your hands, do you feel that rush of supremacy, that rush of power? The feeling that your actions can affect someone else. Why does it feel so good to kill several people in a video game? In moments of anger, why does the thought of punching someone to death feel so satisfying? When you are in a bank and the bank employee acts rudely to you, could it be that he feels powerful, because of holding a position of authority over you or is he just tired? The meaning of this simple yet complex notion keeps fluctuating for person to person, So there cannot be a single definition to hold this thing under chains. But it is a good thing we can at least understand it. So next time you want me to punch me to death, you will at least know that you hold a position of power over me.

Hope you liked this short and sweet blog post, I tried to blurt out as much as I could, I have been taking a lot of time to churn these blogs out but hey, No one is perfect you just have to keep trying.

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