My First Chance At Prem

Hi beautiful people, I hope your day has been great, If not, you are at the right place anyway. The story I am about to share is really personal and I haven't shared this with anyone.
This was back when I was a 16 year old teenager, Okay not that back just a couple years back. This was in my hometown, I came back from college, you know struggling with PCM, those days were sad. But that particular day was different, as usual I took my camera out to click random things. I had my zoom lens on and found something rather someone that caught my eye. No guys it wasn't a girl, keep your creepiness in your pants, Why would I look at a girl through a zoom lens on my camera, No girl lived nearby my house, How would I? So anyway I saw this really beautiful cat and I really think Cats are smart, dogs are all energetic and clingy and jumping around, Cats on the other hand feel more sophisticated and mature, What I mean to say is Dogs are retarded guys, just like small children, Okay I am sorry I take that back, Dogs are fine. So anyway I saw this cat, She was sitting on the compound wall of my house; sleeping. I looked at her for 15 minutes before deciding to finally touch her. It was magical, She let me touch her, I was panting by now (Because nails hurt, Okay!). She started making noises at me, I think it is called Meowing, It again took me 15 minutes to understand that she was hungry. I rushed back in and brought her some milk, which she enjoyed, I guess I don't understand Meow. I was happy that day I forgot all my worries and petted her and went back in and she got back to sleeping. Now that was my first interaction with a cat, So obviously I was obsessed with her and slept hoping I would see her again the next day. Next day was a Sunday, I usually sold my horses on Sundays. But No this Sunday was different. I woke up early than usual and went to see if Ginger was still there (Ofcourse I named her).
That was when the shocker came, My world came crashing down to me, Ginger was trying to hump a fellow cat, who was not interested in it. Ginger was a serial sexual offender, Finally the cat Meowed loudly at Ginger, which I guessed to be retaliation, Because well Ginger is bad. I was disgusted at Ginger for this. How could he? How could he not tell me, That he was a male cat. Anyways after this incident Ginger became very sad and went back to his wall. I felt bad at this sight, Maybe Ginger was lonely, So I went and gave Ginger some milk. Ginger was delighted at the sight of free milk and jumped on it. He drank and let me pet him. I was happy. I pet him for a while before going for some work in the town. When I was on the way back, I was excited to see Ginger again. But soon my world came crashing down to me, Ginger was not there. He was at my neighbors' place where my stupid neighbor was feeding him cat food. It was as if time had stopped, I stood there shattered from inside, Ginger looked at me and ignored me and carried on eating the good food he had. I went back in, opened my laptop, went on youtube and searched, "Cute puppy videos". Yes friends Dogs are the best.
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  1. जिंजर-द दगाबाज़।

  2. after going through your is changing my opinion for you
    like, i hv always heard but never experienced that never jugde a book by its' cover


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