Hadapsar Chronicles One

It was a classic Sunday morning, Me and my room-mate (BakriSlayer) were basking on the glorious holiday sunlight because we had forgotten to close the window the night before and hence the sun was shining on us. We woke up late because of all the chilling we did the night before. We got up and decided to have breakfast and left for eating some. While we were on the way, something caught BakriSlayer’s eyes, She was the epitome of splendid beauty, She had perfect silky smooth hair and brown eyes. BakriSlayer was star struck, he could not forget her, He spent his breakfast discussing his love with me and I ignored him because I did not think it was anything serious, We fall in love 69 times a day, not that big a deal, but no this was different, BakriSlayer did really love this chick. We came back to our place, although my room-mate was extra excited because he could see his love again, He spent a good 15 minutes staring at her like a creep, I left the scene because I did not want to be involved in this brutality.

I was sitting working on my laptop when BakriSlayer came back and told me how he already missed his girl. I shrugged and continued working. Soon we heard a loud bleating and my room-mate rose to check the sound out and found that his love was being dragged and tied to a pole. He couldn’t stand that and immediately ran to save her but I had to stop him because the goat’s owner would not want anyone touching his goat, we had to make a plan. We saw the calender and discovered that Bakri Eid was nearing. BakriSlayer was heartbroken, he couldn’t eat that day. I woke up all night to formulate the biggest heist of the century, Operation SaveMahBro’sBakri. I had to do all the planning by myself because my bro was in mental shock. I perfected the plan and slept to make sure no mistake would happen on the big day.

We had to be vary of Dr Ramu Kaka though, Dr Ramu Kaka was a doctor, he had a small clinic which never had customers, ahem, patients. He was a vicious bastard and owned Priyanka (BakriSlayer’s Love). Ramu was a 7 feet tall athlete, He wanted to be a cricketer but in his own words he wanted youngsters to play and hence stepped down. He was a sick bastard he would chain Priyanka up and talk to her about Music and Nick Jonas, He knew Priyanka hated music and Nick Jonas but he did it anyway!

If we wanted our plan to succeed we would need outside help and I just knew the man who could help us. Creamroll88(His creamrolls are best), Creamroll88 worked at the Dmart(New Dipak Mart) next to our street. He suggested that we recruit one more person because Ramu Kaka had men working for him protecting Priyanka, Creamroll88 delivered stuff to Ramu’s House and hence knew all this. So we went ahead and got Bhivgan in the team. Bhivgan was a fishcatcher we had rescued few weeks back(That story is for another day boys). He owed us one and hence jumped at the opportunity of helping. I explained that plan to them and we shook our hands on it and decided to meet at the rendezvous point.

We were all geared up when we met, All of us were masks, we looked like a K-Pop band ready to spit some lyrics. Since we were looking so great together we named us, Bhivgan cha Maasa (just to make Bhivgan feel important). Now the warehouse where Priyanka was locked up had two entrances, the plan was to sneak the keys from Dr Ramu and to do that we had to distract him that’s where Creamroll88 and Bhivgan came handy. Both of them had a very deep interest in music and they sang Nick Jonas’ Close, Now we knew that Ramu was a big Nick Jonas fan and hence he left all his work to see them play, Creamroll88 was a natural singer and Ramu was fascinated by his voice, amidst his fascination we stole keys from him and replaced them with replicas and ran to the back entrance. Now the only problem was the two guards Dr had hired. I gave the signal to Bhivgan and Creamroll88 to stop and help us with the next part, They joined us, Bhivgan was a seasoned fish catcher and knew his nets, He pulled the nets and threw it on the guards, Both of them tripped over the nets while we ran to Priyanka to free her. Creamroll88 had an escape vehicle ready. We escaped.

This was the moment Bakrislayer was waiting for his entire life, finally Priyanka was free. Everything was perfect, nice breeze was going around, it was a starry night and Priyanka’s eyes were lit up in them. BakriSlayer looked into her eyes and told her, how much he loved her. She bleated to that and went into the woods whilst chewing on her grass...

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