Breakups and Other Daily Life Awkward Shit

So I was out for a week or so because I had a creative block or what is generally known as lethargy. But today is the day I get my hands on keyboard and force some thoughts from my mind on to this digital platform. (Where nobody pays heed to me.) If you have been following my blog, then you must have read A Messi Breakup, (if you have not you will find it, somewhere.) that blog came right after I broke up in real life although it had nothing to do with Messi. Breakups are supposed to hurt, but this break up was not supposed to because I had it all planned out. I was going to drop the bomb to her or on her that maybe we should just stay friends. It was a perfect plan no pain for me, easy peasy right? Wrong. I called her and told her that we should talk about our relationship situation and she said yes we should and before I could say anything, she told me maybe we should just stay friends and damn did that hurt. All I could say was I think that too. My plan was crushed, and so was I. My plan was ruined and now I was devastated and she could just walk off with no guilt and pain whatsoever, but that is okay, because that is life, When you try to escape guilt, you will receive it thousand folds back, So do not try to escape guilt, just embrace it. Enough of my failed love life now. Let's talk about something else, which is just awkward experiences in my life, I literally don't write anything else here, I occasionally write some fiction here and there but mostly it is just that, which most of you probably cannot even relate to, you are all just like what the hell is wrong with this dude. But that is what I do I take boring and awkward events from my life and turn them into funny and awkward. Okay so you guys know staring right? People stare at other attractive people. Sometimes strangers stare at you at a public place and when you look at them they look away. This happens with us like daily no big deal, but sometimes you come across the father of all starers, the breaker of personal space, the creepoborn, the king of the world beyond, who does not stop staring at any costs, happened to me once. So I was chilling at my bus stop, (That is the only place I go to,like if you ask me out on a date, I will take you to Hadapsar Gadital.) and I realized that someone was looking at me, I could feel the beads of my sweat dripping down my neck and felt a chill in my spine at that, But then I looked up and found out that the flyover was leaking and I relocated to a new spot. But the guy was still looking at me, But I knew what to do, you just look that guy in the eye and that guy will feel awkward and he will look away, but oh no no, Creepoborn was not like that, I looked in his eyes and he still stared at me and I looked away instead. I decided to do it again but no he was still fixating his eyes on me. I had had enough and finally did what any man would do, I walked to the next stop.
That is it from me this time, I know this was a bit small and you probably don't care anyway but stay tuned and keep following me across different forms of social media and keep giving me attention:
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So I just crossed 200 views this month and these are just baby steps for me. Even though there were 200 views, I know that there are only like 10 legit people who read all of the blog and give me feedback and this is for you guys, I love you guys from the bottom of my heart and will keep on writing for you guys and also a big shout out to my really great friend Niraj, who pushed me off my lazy ass to write something. Niraj If you are reading this, love you bro in the most heterosexual way possible.(Also wink wink.) I am Done, Peace Out.


  1. Ideas are EASY, but IMPLIMENTATION is HARD🤗
    this blog gave me excitement for next one...
    will wait for next punch....


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