A Messi Breakup - A Tale Of Heartbreak

"Don't bang your head on the table like that."
"Yeah, You will ruin that table, your head is another story."
"Yes, that's better keep your head idle, don't bang."
Raashan had been like that for few hours now, since he came to college all he was doing was, being sad. His friends could not see it, not all of them but they could not help anyway.
Just as all of Raashan's friends were discussing about this situation, Chimtuk entered the almost empty classroom and as she looked for a seat, She noticed a depressed Raashan and several people sitting three benches away from him. She also noticed, one more person sitting in the back thinking hard.
"Hi guys, why is that guy so bummed out over there, Do you know him?" She asked the group.
"Yeah, He's a friend." Aryajeep replied to the question.
"If he's your friend why aren't you helping him?"
She asked the group and went ahead to talk to Raashan.
"Hey, are you okay there?" Chimtuk asked.
"Seeing a pretty girl was the last thing I needed right now, Wow." Raashan rose from his posture and slammed his head back on the bench.
Chimtuk was quite shocked at this and went back to the group.
"That was weird, he just tried to flirt with me." She declared.
"Yeah, His sexual energy grows ten times over when he gets sad, sort of a coping mechanism." Aryajeep said.
"He's had a bad breakup and is bummed out about that." Serena Williams added.
"Okay but then why is he sitting all the way over there?"
"Oh, yeah, When he came he started to flirt with all of us, Karishma Ka Karishma is thinking about her relationship with her boyfriend, if it is all worth it and Anshuman over there in the back is second guessing his sexuality." Serena Williams Said.
"Yeah, ever since decriminalizing of Article 377, everyone wants to make sure of their sexual orientation." AryaJeep added.
"So he flirted with all of you, but only these two are affected?"
"Oh no, before he could flirt with any more of us, I slapped him hard and that's why he decided it's best if he stays away."
"And we are too afraid of his flirtatious skills, that's why we are keeping low."
"But why are you guys worried, his flirting skills are pretty shit from what I saw." Chimtuk said.
"Yeah, his base energy is around 0.1, so ten times that is not a lot but for him it's all over the place." Aryajeep replied.
"Anyhow guys you should seriously help him, if you are not going to do anything, Fine I will do it myself." Chimtuk Snapped.
And Peter did not feel good at all. (Okay Sorry.)
"Hey, Tell me your name."
Raashan was clearly not interested in this small talk but did not want to sound rude. So, He just tilted his head a little bit, So he could see Chimtuk.
"Why are you so bummed out? Tell me."
"Why do you care anyway?"
"I am a psychology student, I can help you."
"Okay Fine, help me."
"Your friends told me, you had a bad breakup."
"Yes, my friends are very hot, especially Serena."
AryaJeep and the other friends had to stop Serena from hitting Raashan again but he lived to see another day.
"Will you please focus for a moment?"
"Fine, I had a breakup, a bad one at that."
"Why, What happened?"
"We had a very serious fight, the sort of fight that is focused on moral issues and all."
"Oh, What did you fight about?"
"She didn't..." Raashan was sniffing to control his tears, "She said she does not like Messi."
"So you had a fight with her because she does not like Messi?'
Chimtuk was annoyed by that.
"Of Course not, Why would I fight with her over such a small issue."
"Then what?"
"She said Ronaldo is better than Messi, Now that hurt me."
"So, This is the big issue, you fought about?"
"Yes. She even said that she laughed when Argentina got out of World Cup, then I said things about Portugal, She spew venom about Barcelona, then I brought in Real Madrid."
"Why would you break up over something like that?"
"It was not this that I broke up with her, it was what she said next."
"What did she say?"
"She said Messi such a shitty player, She likes Lionel more..."
"Yeah, Even I think that Lionel is better player than Messi."
Raashan looked at her for one final time and started banging his head on the table and Chimtuk was left confused.

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